What’s for dinner tonight? 

Someone skipped their midday (usually an epic 3 hour) nap today (cough, Tripp, cough). So this means, short post tonight and quick dinner. I do plan to hop on here this weekend and share the blog/game plan for 2017. So stay tuned 😉

Tonight’s dinner– pork chops (using this recipe http://predominantlypaleo.com/instant-pot-honey-balsamic-pork-chops/) with avocado and rice. 

I have ordered Predominately Paleo’s InstantPot cookbook… here’s a link to check it out. Check it out there on Amazon or your local bookstore. 

Here’s the instant pot pork chops! 

See the steam?? Fresh out of the instant pot

For breakfast, I whipped together some SimpleMills banana-chia seed muffins and David baked a sausage-egg casserole. I’ll hopefully share tomorrow night’s plate too! 

Happy Tuesday (so long Christmas break — you rocked!)! 


Meal plan: Week of October 2nd

A little late, but still meal planning this week 🙂 Since we pick up our CSA box on Tuesday’s, lately I have been waiting until Monday to plan. Goal being, don’t waste a drop of that organic veggie goodness in the box! Here’s the plan…

  • Roasted sweet potato wedges and okra with beef and guacamole
  • Eggplant, beef, and spinach roll-ups 
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts and apples with a pork chop and wilted spinach 
  • Pumpkin chili (using Health Bent’s famous recipe!) 
  • Breakfast options: Overnight oats (equal parts of plain yogurt, almond milk, and oats with cinnamon, coconut sugar, chia seeds, and whatever else I think to throw in a jar before bed!); boiled eggs with an apple and sunflower seed butter 
  • Snacks: Rx Bar, Larabar, turkey roll ups, carrots/hummus, or a smoothie
  • Tripp’s food items for the week: roasted broccoli, roasted butternut squash wedges, fried egg yolk, chicken, baked apple with cinnamon, steak, coconut water, and the tried and true staple, bone broth! 

Here’s to a tasty week y’all 🙂 

Meal Plan: Week of August 22nd

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! We had my 10 year high school reunion and a weekend at the farm. Tripp checked his cows and his ponds are filling up thanks to the rain 🙂 

Here’s our gameplan for the week:

Breakfast options: smoothie or overnight oats 

  • Monday- (lunch) chicken kabobs, potato salad, and roasted veggies; (dinner) beef, rice, broccoli, and butternut squash bowl
  • Tuesday- (lunch) turkey-spinach salad; (dinner) chicken kabob leftovers
  • Wednesday- (lunch) rice bowl leftovers; scrambled egg sandwiches with bacon and fruit
  • Thursday- (lunch) turkey-spinach salad; (dinner) meatball “subs” in squash boats
  • Friday- (lunch) turkey-spinach salad; (dinner) taco salads 

We picked up a chicken kabob family meal from Zoe’s on Sunday to help kickstart the week. Life saver! 

Here’s an idea at what these menu items will look like…

Have a wonderful week!!